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What We Do

We are about creating something from nothing, grit, drive, and not shying away from the bold. Your story isn’t cookie cutter and your clothes shouldn’t be either. We can produce full color prints, photographs, logos and more on apparel that expresses what matters most to you. Custom printed apparel that is unapologetically you.



We are here to give you great products at the best value for you. Communication is focal for us and no matter how big we may grow we always want that to be the focus of our company. We will do everything with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction NO exceptions.


Humble Beginnings

Danetrik's brand was born out of creating our own clothing lines to express our individuality. It has evolved from a humble dream of building a prosperous future for our families and community, to selling our t-shirts to close friends, and now has blossomed into a beautiful print shop and storefront in downtown Rockford. 

Giving Back

We work with local organizations that provide assistance to those with disabilites and promote mental health. We will give back to the underprivileged, low income and undereducated communities. We will provide funds to community centers to help grow their respected programs especially on the westside of our community of Rockford, IL.

Contact us

We are available by email to answer questions about the fit, style or availability of an item, to offer styling recommendations, or to guide you through the shopping process. You can also reach us in person or on the phone at our new retail location in Rockford, IL. We look forward to meeting you.

420 E State St
Rockford, IL 61104
815-209-8153 (text message avail.)

Winter Retail Hours

Friday 11-6pm CST

Saturday 11-5pm CST


Support Hours

Monday-Saturday 9-6pm


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